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How Atlanta United Could Line Up with their New Signings

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Atlanta United's newest signing, Giorgos Giakoumakis, has just been confirmed. This is how Atlanta United could potentially line up for their home opener versus San Jose on the 25th.

Starting for the back the goalkeeper and two center backs are unchanged from Atlanta's friendly with Cruz Azul. Purata and Robinson are our two strongest center backs, even with Abram coming in. I believe he will be more of a rotational player, especially as Miles comes back to full fitness. The fullbacks, however, are different. I prefer Hernandez to Lennon but that could go either way, but in our game against Cruz Azul Gutman played as a left back and pushed Caleb Wiley up the field to left wing. While Wiley is a fun fast winger I prefer him playing fullback and making overlapping runs up the wing.

Aitor Alcalde - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

Into the midfield I would start Santiago Sosa and Andrew Gutman as two defensive midfielders in a double pivot. Sosa has played there in past games but Gutman has not, he has played as a left back for us. I am making a post about why Gutman should move to CDM specifically, but for now just go with it.

AP Photo/John Raoux

In the attack Etienne starts on the left wing and Luiz Araujo plays on the right. This is fairly common and would allow us to play more out wide and create potential overloads if we push up our fullbacks in the attack. Obviously, Thiago Almada the reigning MLS rookie of the year plays in his preferred 10 role, although he can have the freedom to drift on to the wings. Then, in striker we play our new signing, Giorgos Giakoumakis. In the buildup he will most likely operate as a sort of false nine coming back to participate in the buildup play but will then hopefully put his big frame to use as a target man in the box.

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