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Atlanta United vs Toronto FC Player Ratings

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta United will have hoped for more after a disappointing "moral victory" draw. A Bernardeschi goal early in the second half was quickly leveled by Rossetto from well outside the box. Atlanta United then thought that they had won it through their new signing, Gorgios Giakoumakis, before it was ruled out for offsides. Then despite a further 4 attempts bringing the total up to 16 on the night Atlanta United could not beat Sean Johnson a second time. This left the honors split, a disappointing result for an Atlanta United team hoping to be at the top of the league this season with World Cup winner Thiago Almada in wonderful form.

Brad Guzan- (6/10) Guzan made two decent saves and can't really be blamed for the Bernardeschi goal. Nothing extraordinary but still so nice to have the captain back from his injury.

Andrew Gutman-(7/10) Played well getting up and down the wing as well as making some inverted runs inside to help bolster the attack at times. The attacking presence never really amounted to anything, though, and got beat during the Toronto goal.

Juanjo Purata-(6/10) Nothing to write home about, had a good physical presence both on attack and defense, super unfortunate to be just offsides to call back the second goal.

Miles Robinson-(6/10) Had a couple of really good defensive plays especially stopping counter attacks. Came close to goal when he just leaned back and skied his shot off of the header back into the box from a corner in the 30th minute.

Brooks Lennon-(8/10) Lennon was one of the better players in the game getting up and down the field really well to contribute to the attack. He rotated around with the midfield well, too, especially in the first half. This rotation even led to a really good one on one chance that Lennon saw saved by Sean Johnson before being called offsides.

Matheus Rossetto-(6/10) Rossetto played well getting into attacking spaces when Almada dropped back to collect any balls that get kicked out when attacking. This gave him some important touches in the attack until he was subbed off for Amar Sejdic in the 90th minute.

Franco Ibarra-(8/10) Ibarra has really grown into himself as he is allowed to play more defensively this season. He has made a number of really important tackles throughout the game and plays really well right in front of the defensive line, and even dropping into a back three when needed.

Caleb Wiley-(7/10) Wiley played well and was important early in the game as he got on many long balls played over the top for him to run onto, unfortunately none of these attacks resulted in goals. The closest the team got was a narrow miss for Miguel Berry in the sixth minute. This type of good attacking play moving around on the wing continued until he was substituted for Etienne Jr.

Thiago Almada-(8/10) Almada got the assist for Rossetto's goal and was instrumental in many of Atlanta United's attacks as he had free reign to more around the field in the attack and help pull the strings.

Luiz Araujo-(5/10) Two early uncalled fouls on Araujo got him in his head and for another game to Brazilian DP failed to quite live up to expectations, although he played better today than against San Jose with good movement off the ball to find space. Disappointingly Araujo did not move the ball up the field quickly enough to capitalize on transition moments a few times through out the game.

Miguel Berry-(5/10) Berry still just looks lost and wasn't able to really make much of a difference in the game. He also ended up sliding wide to try to find space to get the ball which didn't produce any real successful attacks before he was subbed off for Giakoumakis.


Derrick Etienne Jr. (69th)- (5/10) Etienne wasn't able to rotate and work with the midfield as effectively as Wiley and couldn't create much else on the attack.

Gorgios Giakoumakis (69th)-(7/10) The big Greek striker quickly made an impact on the game as he is happy to play physically and he put good pressure on the Toronto defense, as well. Unfortunately his debut goal that he dreamed about was not to be as it was ruled out for offsides after he headed the ball into the back of the net following a blocked shot from Purata.

Amar Sejdic (90th)- Sejdic wasn't on the field long enough to make a major impact on the game outside of his one missed shot on the volley in the 95th minute.

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