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Atlanta United Officially Sign Giakoumakis

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

After weeks of transfer speculation and ups and downs the transfer is finally official. The Greek striker is coming to Atlanta United for $4.5 million dollars plus $800 thousand of bonuses. He is set for a three year deal with an option.

This represents an important signing for Atlanta United, who before the signing had only Machop Chol and Jackson Conway on their striker depth sheet. The former celtic man also will hopefully fit into Gonzalo Pineda preferred style well. The striker is a finisher in the box and an aerial threat at 6 foot 1, but still likes to play the ball at his feet and to be involved in the buildup play. That playstyle is important as Gonzalo Pineda wants to move the ball around in the attack and a striker that is willing to participate in that will be helpful.

He will also, hopefully, make Thiago Almada, Luiz Araujo, and Derrick Etienne Jr. all play better as they can play through him and have a target in the box. He has also played in some pressing systems before, so he could help to make that a possibility if Pineda wants to take advantage of his fast center backs and play a high press.

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