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A New Third Kit?

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Jacob Gonzalez/Atlanta United

A little over a week after the AMFAM cup all built around the new "17s kit" reveal that saw an extended halftime for the laser show Garth Lagerwey has hinted that there might be a new third kit coming this season. It would be an alternate jersey if the main jersey reaches a certain threshold of sales, we saw this with the unity jersey back in 2021.

The jersey has high potential as all across MLS the new jerseys released have been very good (mostly), and many had some innovative designs. This leads us to have high hopes for the jersey as the third kit is often a very risky design that strays from the teams classic colors and design, which means that if done well it can be very nice. There are also rumors and hopes from the fan base that it will be some sort of homage to Atlanta's vibrant culture, such as a music inspired jersey.

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